How to be Saved

The Fundermentals


Salvation is solely a result of God's grace. No matter how good you think you are - no one deserves it and cannot be earned or bought. Salvation was achieved through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and is made available to everyone through the gospel. Out of His love, God forgives sinners whom He calls, granting them repentance and faith. Those who believe and accept that Jesus made a perfect sacrifice once and for all are justified by faith alone, welcomed into God's family, and receive eternal life.

The Work of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit has been sent from heaven with the purpose of glorifying Christ and carrying out His work of salvation. The Spirit convicts sinners, imparts spiritual life, and grants a genuine understanding of the Scriptures. He resides within all believers, providing assurance of salvation and guiding them towards becoming more like Christ. The Spirit also strengthens the Church, empowering its members for worship, service, and mission.

Baptism and the Lord's Supper

Baptism represents our union with Christ and signifies our entrance into His Church, although it does not directly impart spiritual life. On the other hand, the Lord's Supper serves as a commemoration of Christ's sacrifice, which was offered once for all, and it is important to note that the bread and wine do not undergo any physical change. Instead, all the blessings associated with the Lord's Supper are received through faith.

Both baptism and the Lords Supper have been graciously given to the churches by Christ as visible symbols of the gospel and are meant to be partaken of ONLY by those who have given their life to Him.





How to be Saved

With a sincere and willing heart you must :

Recognise that you have sinned in many, many ways and that your strongest desire is to be forgiven by God.
Confess those sins before God
Ask his forgiveness in the knowledge and acceptance that on the cross Jesus died in your place, bearing God’s punishment for your sin and redeeming your sins by his precious blood.
Baptism is the next step, but only once you have the received the  assurance (inner witness) of your salvation. 
Continue in getting closer to God by reading his word - especially the four gospels (initially) - and meeting with other true 
Confess that Jesus Christ is your Saviour and Lord and never deny Him.

This of course is just the beginning of your new and exciting life.

God will help you Change  and as you get to know Gods word. The same spirit that convicted you of sin will empower gentle but at the same time powerful transformations in your life. These will be things that you will be eternally grateful for.
This is an ongoing process, it's not all done overnight.

Pray. Jesus died to reunite you with God so that you can have a one to one relationship with Him. Prayer is one way you can talk with your heavenly Father certain in the knowledge that He hears and will answer your prayers.

Again, it is important that you find other true bible believers  to have fellowship with and to learn from. They must hold the bible in high esteem and not follow ideas that detract from its clear message.

Stewardship. The new life you have been given is a gift from God that you must use to the full in doing things that glorify God and reflect well on you - living a life that reflects Christs example.
That means you will need to ask God to guide you into the actions and tasks he wants you to do.